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  • Do I have to be naked?
    Nope! You will only undress to your comfort level and you will ALWAYS be covered by sheets and blankets. I only uncover what I need access to work on and that will never include any private areas. Even if you keep your underwear on you will still be covered with a sheet/blanket barrier. Proper draping by the therapist is very important to provide security and comfort to the client. Prior to your massage we will also discuss any other sensitive areas you would not like to be worked on. There are, however, some types of massage strokes that cannot be performed over clothing and tools such as cupping that require access to bare skin but we can assess whether those tools or strokes are necessary for your treatment at the time. Fun fact: There are certain circumstances in massage for exposing the chest but written consent is required and I do not use those techniques in my practice.
  • What if I'm running late or need to cancel/reschedule my appointment?
    For appointment cancellations or rescheduling: You will need to provide at least 24-hours notice if you need to change, reschedule or cancel your appointment or you will be charged 50% of the service booked. No call, no show: If you fail to show up for your appointment with no prior notification you will be charged the total fee of your booked service. Multiple no-call/no-shows or continually rescheduling appointments at the last minute will result in my asking that you find another therapist and no longer book time with me. Running late to your appointment? If you are running late for your appointment let me know with a quick text or call. Your appointment time will start and end as scheduled so your actual massage time will be shortened if you do not arrive on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment we will have to cancel and reschedule and you will be charged for the full service booked. To change, cancel or reschedule your appointment please contact me directly via text (360) 852-0673 or email ( You will be responsible for paying the fee via Venmo, Paypal or Invoice sent.
  • Do you bill insurance?
    No, I do not bill insurance at this time. I'm happy to supply you with a detailed receipt for your HSA submission if that method is avaiable to you.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • What kind of oils/scents do you use?
    I use a variety of oils depending on the preference of my clients (almond, coconut, rice bran, and massage blends). I can accomidate those who have topical allergies and sensitivities to nuts or specific essential oils. I generally have a candle burning or oils diffusing so please let me know in advance of your first visit if you have any known allergies that may be aggrivated by particular scents.
  • What do I do if I'm sick?
    If you are feeling sick or show ANY symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose please reschedule immediately by contacting me directly. You will not be charged a rescheduling fee. Please do not come in sick! If I get sick then I cannot work and if you get massaged sick, it can make you feel worse!
  • I have a child or friend (minor) who could use a massage, can I book them an appointment?"
    Massage is incredibly beneficial for kids in youth sports, those experiencing growing pains, anxiety or stress. They are welcome in the studio but there are some extra steps and precautions to be taken. A parent or legal guardian must be present when completing the Health History Form for the minor (clients under age 18), the consent for the massage therapy form, and the setting of goals for the session(s). For clients age 15 and under, the parent/guardian must always be present in the treatment room. For clients age 16-17 if both client and parent/guardian are comfortable with the child being in the session room by themselves that is fine but I will ask for written consent before proceeding. Because minors are generally more comfortable fully clothed for the session I recommend athletic attire and as always appropriate draping will be used at all times during the massage, only areas being massaged are uncovered.
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