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About Me

Healing occurs with the mind, body, and the spirit. I believe this can only happen when trust, safety, and communication are established with your massage therapist. 

I have been educated in many different kinds of massage and I love using a variety of techniques to heal. Each massage is as unique as the clients that come through the door. My hope is to bring a feeling of safety, security, and non-judgement to my healing work.

My experience working with clients of all ages, abilities, bodies and backgrounds has helped me gain a deep understanding of the human body and mind. My job is to create space for healing through positive experience, building trust, a wide knowledge base and intuitive touch.

Along with massage, I have a background in yoga and meditation, I coach at a gym in my free time, I've been an Olympic weightlifter and I have a diverse range of hobbies. I'm adventurous and I love to learn new things and soak up all the knowledge I can. I love animals and people and putting my toes in the ocean. 


Have questions about massage or Ahimsa massage studio? Please feel free to reach out using the form at the bottom of the page. 


This is a non-judgemental space that welcomes every sex, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, and education. I offer my services on a sliding scale to ensure that cost is not a barrier. Please reach out to me to discuss how I can help.


The Space

Our tranquil massage studio is an inclusive safe space for EVERYONE. 

The studio is located behind my residence in a stand alone structure. Street parking is available. Please do not block the driveway. You will enter through the gate located on the East side of the house. Access will be available only at the time of your appointment to ensure privacy, safety and security to all clients. Please do not be more than 5 minutes early for your appointment unless otherwise instructed. Once you have entered the gate walk back to the blue studio straight ahead. I will be there to welcome you in! 

Its customary to offer a bottle of water after your sessions to encourage healthy hydration after your appointment. However, in an effort to cut down on single use plastic I ask that you bring  your own reusable water bottle with you which you may fill with filtered water in the studio. 

Is this your first massage ever? Do you want more detail so you know what to expect? You can head to the FAQ page or please feel free to connect me by filling out the contact form below and I'm happy to tell you all about your upcoming session.

Please pardon our dust while we finish construction and yard maintenance. The walk back may be a bit muddy in rainy weather.

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