Monday Evening Virtual Yoga Class




Classes right now will raise funds for:
Punk Rock Saves Lives

Come ground the day’s energy with me! This practice explores dynamic movement, breath work, and meditation. It is designed to give you time and space to connect to your body and mind as you bring your Monday to a close and you reconnect with your intuition. All healthy levels welcome.

Expect some strengthening movement to build some heat, breath work, and stretching + space to open our hearts!

Sign in using the button below to join our live stream via ZOOM.

No pay walls to join class, but donations for rotating organizations warmly welcomed using the button below. If you prefer to donate using another payment method please message directly me using the form at the bottom of the page.

This class is facilitated by  Heather Jolma Fray at who has many other wonderful yoga offerings!

Ahimsa Massage Studio Location:

1110 W 19th St.

Vancouver, WA 98660

This location is by appointment only. Please make an appointment before visiting us.

Phone: (360) 852-0673


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